Thursday, September 1, 2016

WEEK 2 - September 1, 2016 (Provo, Utah)

Hey everybody.. so today has been a crazzzzyyy day.. I'm just gonna jump right into it. A couple days ago I started noticing these little itchy bug bites on me. They didnt bug me too much so I didn't think anything of it. Well I got a few more and wasn't sure what they were from, so I went to change my sheets and I lift up the mattress and.... BED BUGS. I freaked out and told everyone to check their beds.. my comp checked his and he had them too, then somebody on the opposite side of the building checked his and found some. This was at like 10:45 everybody is angry, screaming and running around HAHA.. I pick up the  "Emergency only" Phone on my floor and tell the guy what's going on. He simply says "Sorry, there's nothing we can do about that until tomorrow, just sleep with the bugs" hahaha yeah okay, no. So I went down to where all the fresh sheets are, found about 12 thick blankets, and went ahead and made myself a bed in the hall along with 5 other guys. Problem is, the lights in the hall don't turn off, and 3 of the 5 others snore worse than Uncle Sam. Last night was a loooooong night.. luckily its pday (preparation day) today. But, we didn't get to go to the Temple this morning because we had to go to the Medical clinic :(   I just finished taking EVERYTHING out of our rooms, washing every single piece of clothing I have, and spraying everything I own with some bed bug repellent stuff. The upside is I got FREE dry cleaning on all of my ties, pants, and suit coat :) And now we are moving into a different room. Apparently we are only the second ones this whole summer to get bed bugs (Or people just don't check their beds).

Besides that, it has been a pretty regular week... Lots of class, lots of teaching, lots of reading. On Tuesday night, Richard J. Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy spoke to us. He gave a realllly good talk on how one missionary can change so many people's lives. Oh and also, our whole zone sings in the choir haha.. I didn't think I'd like it that much, but I love it.. The choir director is really good and funny, makes it pretty enjoyable. So on Sunday, we had some changes made in our Branch Presidency. We now have 3 counselors because there are so many people in our zone. I think there's 94 or something. I love Sundays though. It's so nice to have a day of no class where I can just not worry about the language for the day.

Lets see, I don't have much to talk about.. I heard music coming from Lavelle Edwards stadium the other night and got a little sad I'd be missing 2 seasons of Football. But then I thought about how much Mitch loved CFB (editor's note: college football...yes, I had to google it!) and how hurt he must be missing his second season. I didn't feel too sad after that.

View of Lavelle Edwards Stadium
(editor: oh, it's right there...what doesn't kill him will make him stronger!)

Oh, the other day at lunch I spotted one of Matthew's good friends Kento.. Got a picture with him real quick. I see him around a lot.. I think he's got two weeks left here. Hey Rio and Nelson, I enjoyed the email, thank you guys :)

With Elder Kento

Well I can't believe its already been two weeks here. Also can't believe I still have another 4 weeks haha, but I love it here and love all the guys here. Although sometimes I feel like Satan is tempting me to punch somebody in the face, I love them all. I miss you guys and love all of you, but wouldn't want to be anywhere else, except maybe the Philippines. The gospel is true. It is confirmed to me by the spirit every day that it is true. And I love the language of Tagalog. Talk to you all next week :)

-Elder Jenkins

Answers to questions Gary asked last week:
1) Q - What does your typical day look like?
     A - Typical day is: awaken at 6:30, go and get a sack breakfast (you have to put on a white shirt and tie to go in the cafeteria), come back, go play basketball for an hour, then we study for 3 hours, go to lunch, then go to class for 3 hours, go to dinner, then go to class for another 3 hours. So yeah that's our basic day. I loveee Tuesdays - only 3 hours of class because of devotional that night.

2) Q - What missionary routine or rule has been the hardest for you to adapt to?
     A - Definitely being to bed by 10:30.

3) Q - What has been your greatest spiritual experience so far?
     A - So far it has been the story I told in the last letter about going into the lesson without a script and trusting in the spirit.

4) Q - What class, activity (not Pday), or meeting do you look forward to the most?
     A - I really look forward to the days when we have lessons with our "Investigator".. really helps me progress with the language.

5) Q - What has frustrated you the most about being a missionary?
     A - The most frustrating thing is probably feeling like you should be able to speak the language better. But then you realize you have only been in here 2 weeks.

"District Goals: Memorize BYU schedule, predict which games they will win/lose"
(editor note: Good to know that my boy is still my boy!)
(another note: for you Spanish speakers out there, 
say the Tagalog word for "lucky" printed on the board. 
Hoping his two years of HS Spanish are a bit helpful!)

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