Thursday, September 22, 2016

WEEK 5 - Sept 22, 2016 (Provo, UT) - 1 month down

Aunt Britt, thanks for the tie. I can now participate in Floral Fridays :)

I was astonished to hear that most you guys didn’t think that looked like Matt Damon. I've seen him almost every day and I still double take every time.

Hey Happy early B-Day Buck!! Finally in your teens! Don't spend all your bday money on video games. All you cousins that went to LP HoCo looked great. Kajsa, is he a senior?? lolol

Well this week went by extremely fast. I cannot believe I have been here 5 weeks. Time is absolutely flying. I don't have much to talk about from this week but I’ll give a quick rundown of my week. 

So last Thursday after Pday was over, we got to do a lesson over Skype. So we skyped a Filipino lady and talked to her for a while, trying to understand what she was saying. We were almost at the end of our lesson and were about to bear testimony and close, when I accidentally pulled the plug out of the wall with my foot haha. It was sad because I’m pretty sure she thought I did it on purpose. I was looking at the camera trying to think of what to say and then the computer just shut off haha... So I guess I’ll get another try at it tonight. 

On Friday, we got our flight plans. We leave on Wednesday Sept. 28. We fly out of Salt Lake to LA at 7pm. Then we have a 5 hour layover in LA. 16 hours later we land in Hong Kong. Then from there we fly to Manila. I guess we stay in the Manila MTC for 5 days and then make a loooong bus ride to Laoag (editor: pretty sure they fly from Manila to Laoag...time will tell). So I am way excited for that. Saturday was a pretty regular day. On Sunday we were sitting in sacrament meeting when all of the sudden, while announcing the program, we hear "And then we will be pleased to hear a special musical number from district F." (That’s our district) We all sit up and look at each other in a panic. Then we remember how the Sunday before that, Pres. Delamare asked if we wanted to sing in Sacrament Meeting, We accepted and he said he would talk to us Tuesday night if we still wanted to do it. Well, he never talked to us about it, so we all forgot about it. Luckily, we have a few musical geniuses in our district. So with about 5 minutes of preparation time, we planned to sing Nearer My God to Thee. One of the elders that has an incredible voice was sitting 10 rows ahead of us and had no idea what was going on. So as the intro was being played on the piano, one of the elders whispered to him "Hey you are singing a solo for the first 2 lines" and about 5 seconds later he sang it like an angel, and it sounded like we had been preparing for weeks haha.  

I've talked a lot in my past letters about how much I enjoy the MTC. I’m very much looking forward to Wednesday, but it will also be a little sad. Leaving the comfort of the place I’ve been living for the past month or so will be weird. It seems like everybody around me cannot stand the MTC and just wants to get out of here, but I have loved it haha. Not only because of the pickup basketball I get to play every morning, but just the comfort of feeling the spirit in the classroom and in the devotionals. Also, I make new friends everyday, and know how to say "hi" in like seven different languages haha. I learn something new everyday, but I'm sure I'll learn even more when I can't understand what people are saying and I'm making hundreds of mistakes a day when trying to talk to people.

With Elder Penney (from our ward)  
going to the Philippines Bacolod Mission on Oct 19th

I've had so many great testimony building experiences while I’ve been here. I was teaching a lesson the other day, when I realized a certain thing or pattern that kept occurring. While I am teaching, I think of the word I want to say in English, and then say it in tagalong. Well, sometimes I’ll be trying to think of a certain word that I know I have memorized but it won't come to my head. And for a split second I question myself and wonder "Is the spirit with me right now?" And this has happened to me a few times. Immediately after I think this to myself, the word seems to pop into my head. And that reassures me that the spirit is there. It’s so comforting to know that I am not going on this journey alone and that I will have help with me all the way. 

Sorry my letters are a bit boring right now. I promise that they will get better starting next week.

Miss all of you so much!! Was so nice to see Kenzi and Aunt Robin yesterday, made me miss the family a bit though haha. Talk to you all next week, love ya:)


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