Friday, September 16, 2016

WEEK 4 - September 15, 2016 (Provo, UT) - I MET MATT DAMON

Hellooooo everybody... If that header didn't grab your attention, I really don't know what will. But it is true, Matt Damon was at the MTC. So here's what happened. We were sitting down eating some lunch in the cafeteria when all of the sudden one of the kids in my district says "Woah, look it's Jason Bourne!!" I look up and there he is sitting across from us. The Martian, sitting there, eating a burger.  OK, so it isn't actually him... But if there was a competition for a Matt Damon look alike, he would win. So I had to grab a picture.

(Editor: What Ryan sent...)

(...what we expected!)

 Well this week was great and it went by soooo fast. I really want to get out to the Philippines but I almost wish time would slow down here at the MTC because I really enjoy it here. So this week hasn't been too eventful, but there are a few things I can write you about. So we had the privelege to hear from two Apostles in our devotionals. On Sunday, Elder Ballard came and spoke to us. Talked a lot about valuing the time you are on your mission. I feel like that has been talked about a lot in the devotionals while I've been here. Elder Cook spoke to us on Tuesday. He based his talk on 3 things: loving the Lord, loving the People, loving your companion. Then he also said something that I found very interesting. He said when he is receiving revelation about assigning mission calls, it doesn't always come as a location of where the missionary needs to go. But it often comes as the Mission President that they need to be sent to. And then he talked about how important it is to build a strong bond with your mission pres. So I'm really excited to meet my mission pres, and come close to him. Ok, so also on Tuesday when Elder Cook spoke to us, the choir sang a song. I was in the perfect position to get on camera hahaha.. So I was trying to focus on the choir director the whole time and sing like an angel and all that, but out of the corner of my eye, I can see the camera zooming in on me, and I can't resist. I look up and there I am, being broadcasted to 7 other MTCs around the world hahah... So if anybody can find that devotional online, look for me, and send me a screenshot or something haha. 

So since I don't have too much to say, I'll share a pretty good spiritual experience I had earlier this week. My comp and I were in a lesson with one of our "Investigators" (who is also my teacher) talking about baptism. She asked a question, and I thought about it for a second and really didn't know what to say. I sat in silence for a few seconds, and then all of the sudden words started popping in my head in Tagalog. I started speaking, probably not in the right sentence structure, but was doing my best. Words kept on flowing out of my mouth as tears filled my eyes. The way my teacher/investigator was looking at me I could tell that she knew I was teaching directly from the spirit. It was such an amazing experience. 

I become more and more excited to go to the Philippines every day. Our Tagalog teachers always share stories about their missions and when they do, it makes me want to get out of here and fly off into Laoag. But at the same time I love it here. And love the experiences I'm having here. One thing I've learned this past week is how much obeying one little rule can change your day. Before this week I would usually not be in bed until 10:45 or so. So I decided just to try and get to bed on time this week. When I did that, I woke up feeling so well rested, and felt so motivated to learn something new. My whole day would change. Hearing Apostles come and speak to us about obedience has really helped me understand the importance. I'm glad that I figured that out so early in my mission.

Every new day here I feel like my testimony is growing stronger and that I am progressing in the language as well. It's so nice being able to be in a place where you can feel the spirit so strong every day. I miss all of you so much, but absolutely love it here. Can't wait to write ya next week :)

(This came a little later...too good not to share - ENJOY!)
I forgot to write you about something. So this one elder in my district, Elder Phillips, is a musical of the kindest kids I've met, and he loves college football. He's from bama. But for some reason one day I was humming "Santa Fe" from Newsies, and he bursts into the room and starts singing the song beautifully!!! hahah He was like, "Elder Jenkins, you like musicals?!?!" I said "I mean, I like Newsies" haha We absolutely love each other now and sing Newsies songs together. Then later he asked "So have you seen Les Mis?" I was like "Uhhhhh yeah kinda" hahahahah he's one of my favorites for sure. (Editor note: Let's just say that Ryan chose to sit out the last half of Les Mis in SF in the bathroom...)

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