Monday, October 17, 2016

WEEK 9 - October 17, 2016 (West Haven, Utah) - A Trio No More

District gym time :)

Hellooooooo friends and family,

This week seemed to go by really, really fast. So I don't have too much to write about but I'll give ya a rundown of what happened this week. 

Well, sadly the trio that I was in has come to an end. Elder Hernandez got his visa last week and flew out to Brazil this morning. He had been waiting for it for almost 8 months!! Definitely sad to see him go though, he was a good trainer. So now it's just me and Elder Stoner. We have sooo much more space in our room now, which is nice. He also forgot a pair of shoes and a nice sweater, so that's also nice. And I get shotgun in the car now. So there are good things that come from this.

So first of all, Lily's baptism was pushed to this coming Saturday because more family will be in town and be able to attend. So we are very excited for her. Ok so it was a pretty solid week for us finding new people to teach.  On Wednesday, we met with a family that is pretty new to this area. Their name is pretty hard for me to forget because it is "The Jenkins!". The Jenkins family has one daughter who is 11 and a son who is 7. Mike, their dad, is a less active member of the church and his wife, Monica, is not a member. So we found them through our ward mission leader, Brother Gibson. This guy absolutely amazes me. He is a blind man who has been blind ever since he was a kid. When you walk up to him and say hi, he immediately recognizes your voice and reaches out to shake your hand. He was driving with us to one of our appointments the other day and he gave us directions on when to turn and where to go. He is incredible haha. But anyway, back to the we met and taught them The Restoration on Wednesday and they loved it…especially their daughter. She absolutely wanted to be baptized, and so did her little brother but he isn't quite old enough yet. So she is set to be baptized on the 5th of November. But what was also awesome his how much Monica seemed to love the lesson. We would love to see her be baptized with her daughter on the 5th.

After that lesson, we, as a trio were feeling so confident because of how well they received the message. And of course, not soon after that, Elder Hernandez got a call from President telling him he's headed out on Monday. Right when we were kind of feeling comfortable, changes had to be made. God wasn't going to let us get comfortable and hunker down haha, He wants us to grow and get better and we all understood that.  

So another solid investigator we have is a girl named Kelton. She is friends with one of the girls in the Riverbend Branch. We actually went to a little Halloween festival with them and hung out for a little bit, and then taught her right after. She understood everything really well and also wants to be baptized. 

I realized something the other day that I can't help but notice. Whenever we are teaching about Joseph Smith and begin to recite his First Vision, there always seems to be a potential distraction. I'll give a few examples. When we were teaching Kelton and we started talking about the First Vision, a bag that had a candle in it lit on fire and went up in flames. People started racing over to put out the fire. When we were teaching a family about a week ago, a car drove by slowly, blasting music. The other night, it was kind of comical but still a bit annoying… somebody absolutely ripped one during our explanation of the First Vision. Yes, it was a bit funny, but yet again it was another distraction. I firmly believe that the devil really does not want people to hear about the First Vision because of how strong you can feel the spirit while listening. Every time one of my companions is reciting it in a lesson I feel so much peace and comfort. And I know that is the spirit testifying of the truthfulness of Joseph’s experience.

So tonight we are teaching the Russian family. We are bringing a member with us who speaks Russian - that will be a big help to us. One of Alex's (the father) biggest concerns is that the Sabbath should be from Friday night to Saturday night instead of on Sunday. So we will try to work out that problem for him and help him understand. 

My therapy seems to be going well. My wrist seems to be a lot looser and flexible (editor: last basketball season injury that was never rehabbed correctly - Uncle Sam's taking care of that too). The only thing that is still a little numb is my pinkie, but it's not too bad at all. 

Well this should be a good upcoming week for us. Hopefully I will have a lot to tell all of you. I hope it doesn't get too cold over here. And let's hope that people stop feeding me so much because I am not loving eating a big meal on a full stomach haha. And let's just say it's putting on a few unneeded pounds. Alright I love you all, talk to ya next week :)

-Elder Jenkins 

(Editor: one huge perk of stateside...we get random pics sent to us from kind people who know we love seeing our boy. Below are a couple that we got this week.)

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