Monday, November 14, 2016

WEEK 13 - November 14, 2016 (West Haven, Utah) - Goodbye America

Well, the time has finally come. I am just about finished with all my packing, and I'm ready to ship off. After 6 weeks here in Ogden, I'm headed to the Philippines tonight. I am sooo excited and nervous at the same time. But I am absolutely ready. So I'll tell you how my week went really quick.

So, I think there was a reason I was put on a bike for my last week. I was soooo out of shape haha. We hopped on our bikes on Tuesday and had like a 5 mile ride to get to an appointment. It was soooo frustrating because Elder Stoner was cruising by me and I just could not catch up. I was going as hard as I could and it didn't look like he was even peddling that hard. That frustration continued for another day until I checked my back tire and realized that the break was rubbing up against the tire this whole time haha. I fixed it and immediately saw the difference. Stoner was shocked the next time we started riding because I was hauling past him haha. But at the end of the week I had lost 5 lbs so that was nice. But honestly it was kind of nice being on bikes. For the first time on my mission I would come home absolutely exhausted, just wanting to crawl in bed, with saddle soreness like none other.

This week was really nice, because I got to go to the temple twice. We went on Tuesday as a zone, and I got to go again on Friday with all the departing missionaries. Probably the last time I will be attending for the next 20 months or so.

So investigator wise and finding people to teach, it was a pretty slow week honestly. We biked all around West Haven knocking doors and just couldn't find anyone to teach. We weren't able to get into the Jenkins home this week because Mike is in Japan. The rest of the family didn't make it to church either. Kody, however did make it to church. His wife had to be up running the primary program and she needed him to take care of the kids. But he was there, so that was good. I'll really be hoping to get an email from Elder Stoner sometime next month telling me he's getting baptized.

We finally put Miley on date for baptism… but it isn't until January 12th. They said they are just too busy during the holidays and that’s the next time that it can happen. 

Sorry this letter was really, really short (based on Ryan standards). I don't have much time to write today. I'm gonna run out and get one more haircut real quick before I leave. But I just want to express my thanks to Uncle Sam and Aunt Melissa. They helped me soooo much while I was here. Nourished my elbow back to health and loosened my wrist up too. Not only that, but they also took me out to lunch a few times and took me golfing haha. The Jenkins family owes you big time. Between me and Davis, we are gonna run you guys broke hahaha. Thanks for being so generous and loving to me. 

Alright, well the next time I write you, hopefully I will have some cool stories and some incredible pictures. But don't expect the long letters anymore haha. I don't think I'll have quite enough time for those. Okay, I love you all. Farewell America :)

-Elder Jenkins

Waffle eating contest with the youth. Who do you think won? Haha

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