Monday, December 26, 2016

WEEK 19 - December 26, 2016 (Bangui, Philippines)

Skyping with the family

Merry Christmas everybody!! 

I had a really great Christmas. I got to skype my family, which was amazing and then we had a big feast at one of the member’s house. It was his birthday, so there was a ton of food. I’ll send a picture. 

Christmas Eve Feast

So the big news this week is that Elder Costales is being transferred, and my new companion will be the new branch president (leader of the local congregation). So that leaves me to be leading the area after just 6 weeks here haha. That scares me a bit but also excites me. I’m a bit nervous because I still struggle to speak the language, and I’m still not totally familiar with the whole area, but I also am very excited because this will help me a ton to learn the language and now I have to speak to everybody.  I don’t really have a choice haha. So I am excited. I love challenges. 

So funny story… remember the story about me thinking the food was a potato and it kept on being a piece of lard? Well, we were eating with a member the other day, and we were having some kind of soup. I saw a golden piece of a potato in my bowl, but I was not going to let myself be fooled again. So I poked it with my spoon a few times and even touched it and felt it. I was sure that it was a potato. I was so excited and I took a nice big bite. It turned out to be a big piece of ginger :(   I couldn’t believe it. I was soooo disappointed. I just want a potato soooo badly haha. 

So we didn’t have any investigators show up to church on Sunday, but we weren’t too surprised since it was on Christmas. I’m very excited for this next transfer though. There are a lot of people that we have set to be baptized this month. And one thing that does help on my mission is that I am competitive and I get annoyed if I don’t hit the goal that I have set. So my new comp and I are about to go to work this cycle (next six weeks or so) and saddle this area. 

The little hut where one of our investigator families lives

One thing I’ve noticed over the 5 weeks I’ve been here is how weird the time has felt. In the beginning it was sooooo slow... but the more I know the language the faster it seems to go. I’m actually a little afraid that when I fully know the language, my mission is just going to fly by and before I know it I will be heading home. And although time is starting to speed up a little, this is the harder part of the mission for me, I think. But I realized that if you just take it one little thing at a time, one day at a time, it isn’t too hard. And I think that is the same in life away from the mission. That’s one thing I have already learned so early out here that will help me throughout my life. And that’s what I absolutely love while I’m out here. I’m learning things that are preparing me for the rest of my life, and molding me into the person I need to be. 

I absolutely love my mission and everything I’m doing out here. Right now I am obsessed with the Book of Mormon. I just finished it again, and I’ve set a goal to read it all again by the end of the cycle (transfer – usually six weeks). I learn so much from it every time I read it. It is so true and holds the things that we need to know to improve in our lives. 

Love you all, and Happy new year:)

-Elder Jenkins

pink sky selfie

Mission Christmas Conference

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