Monday, January 23, 2017

WEEK 23 - January 23, 2017 (Bangui, Philippines)

Hello everybody!!!

This week was very, very busy as usual. I’ll tell you a quick story of how I started off the week. 

On Tuesdays we go up to Burgos for the day. It’s about a 20 minute bus ride.  On the way back we got on the bus and I went and found a seat and I could see this girl staring at me and staring and staring. So I decided to turn around and start talking to her. haha  We had a solid conversation and then I went back to my seat. Well like a minute later, I felt a tap on my shoulder. And it was her, giving me a mango. My FIRST mango in the Philippines!! I was so excited. By the way, it’s almost mango season, so I’m very excited for that. But anyway she said if she saw me on the bus again, she would give me another mango. It was delicious. 

I love finding people to teach here. Everybody is so welcoming to us, and they usually will always let us teach them. The problem sometimes is that they are so nice that they pretend like they are interested even though they are not. And we teach them several times, but really they don’t care. So that is a little difficult. But honestly all the lessons whether they care or not are helping me with the language. It’s a lot of practice with the discussions which is nice. But for the most part here, the people are sooo nice to us and always want to feed us. 

working with Brother Dick from the Branch

Another funny story that I forgot to tell from a few weeks ago. So here in Bangui, we are always traveling. And most of the time we travel on Triciclyes. This one time, we needed to fit 5 on the tricycle because we had some other people with us. So we stuffed 2 in the side car, 2 on the motorcycle, and then I was the wainer off the side haha. If you don’t know what waining is, you can ask King Louie (cousin Matthew).  All of the sudden, President and Sister Andrada drive by and stop the car!! What are the odds? Sister Andrada was kind of mad, but in the background, we could see President just chuckling hahaha. We saw them both later that week at the Zone Conference. And President Andrada brought up the situation, and we all just started laughing. I love President and Sister Andrada, they are so fun. But don’t worry mom, it’s not that dangerous. (Editor: Apparently, waining is hanging off the side, barely holding on. Turns out that word was used a lot while tubing with cousins at Powell last summer.)

So this last week I studied the language soooo hard. It’s the hardest I have ever studied anything in my life. And yes, I know Dad is going to say something like "That’s not saying much" but I actually did study hard. And I have seen big improvement. Especially in understanding people. I love seeing progress in the language. Especially when it helps our investigators learn and actually understand what I’m saying. 

On Saturday I had the privilege of baptizing one of the sister missionaries’ converts. His name is Erick, he’s a great guy and has such a strong testimony. After the baptism I just felt soooo happy and blessed. I could feel the spirit very strong for about 10 minutes, and I just felt sooo blessed to be here. Mitch’s words in his skype video (from Christmas) are perfect. Being here on this mission has been absolutely nothing but a blessing to me. I love all the experiences I’m having out here and the spirit I am feeling every day. Although waking up at 6:30 every morning and pouring a cold bucket of water on my head for a shower is difficult, and there is all the frustration that comes from not knowing the language, it is all such a blessing. 

I am grateful that I have learned somewhat early on my mission how great of a blessing it is to be here. It makes it so I don’t want to waste a single minute. I have a testimony that God blesses those who do not waste his time. I absolutely love it out here, it is such a blessing. 

Love all of you so much, have a great week :)

- Elder Jenkins

That food is rice, longanasia (Philippino sausage?), and hot dog.  We didn't have enough plates, so we just used a banana leave and our hands haha

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