Monday, January 30, 2017

WEEK 24 - January 30, 2017 (Bangui, Philippines)

Hello everybody, 

It was such a fast week this week, which means it was another good week. The big news for us is that Elder Bednar is coming to Laoag in a few weeks!!! We are all so stoked for that. 

This week every morning has been really cold - and by really cold I mean like 60 degrees haha. But that is all everybody was talking about "Sobrung Malamig sa labas" (editor: something like “it is so cold outside”). Everybody was pulling out their winter coats, it was hilarious. The weather has been awesome, not too hot not, too cold. But it is starting to heat up again. And I hear in the springtime it just gets brutal. 

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about this week, so I decided to tell you what my everyday life is routine.

So we always wake up to the sound of someone doing karaoke. It’s ridiculous to me that the first thing some of these people do in the morning is start up the karaoke machine. I don’t even feel like talking at 6:30 in the morning, and these people are singing haha. And most of the time the voices are just awful – it’s hilarious. But anyway, after we wake up, sometimes we will run over to the market and I’ll usually buy some bread at the bakery for breakfast. The bread is pretty good here. And the people at the bakery all know my name. We’re good friends. Then we will head back home and do our studies. At around 12, we head out, usually to the church first because we have the ward to take care of. Then we will head out and work. Most our travel is done by tric. If it’s further, by bus. We walk if it’s close, but most our areas aren’t very close. I love walking around here though - everybody is so friendly. It’s nothing like America. When people see us they say "Brotheeerrrrrr!" And they love it when we give them a high five or just say hi to them. Lately, when we have been walking, I’ll see a food that I want to try, and we’ll just stop and eat real quick. The other day I had chicken head and intestines. It was actually really good. The marinade was incredible. But anyways, we work for the rest of the day, and head home around 8:30. Then we get home, and usually take another shower because we sweat a ton, make some food, and then head to bed. 

Looks like chow mien, but it isn't. haha

We had good success this week. We had 7 investigators show up to church, and they are all from Burgos, which is about 20 minutes away from the church. Our Sacrament Meeting attendance yesterday was bigger than it has been since I’ve been here. And the best part about that is that our District President was there, and he saw how cramped it was in the small little meeting house. So, we will be moving to a bigger meeting house soon. But man, I cannot express how frustrated I’ve been with what time these people show up to church. You know how they say "Hispanic time is 20 minutes late?" I’m not kidding you, Filipino time is like 1 hour late. It is sooooo frustrating. Even members of our branch presidency don’t show up until 9:20 and we start at 8:30. It’s just the culture I guess. I don’t know. (editor: this little rant coming from the child who always said, "If you're not early, you're late.")

So I’ll just leave you with a spiritual thought for the week. I was studying Elder Ballard’s talk "To Whom Shall We Go", and read through the story about Christ and his apostles a few times. I have a strong testimony of the happiness that comes from this gospel. If we did leave it, where would we go to find the same happiness? There is nowhere else to find the joy and the blessings that come from this gospel. And Christ is the only master that can lead us to victory and eternal happiness. 

Well time is absolutely flying. In my next letter I will know if I am being transferred or not. Love you all, have a great week!!!

-Elder Jenkins

Youth Activity.  This is Melchi... he is in the YM presidency

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