Monday, March 13, 2017

WEEK 30 - March 13, 2017 (Bangui, Philippines)

Hello everybody!!! 

This was a great week. And this next week may be the last one for me here in Bangui. Transfers are on March 21, so we will see what happens next week. But anyway, it has been even hotter this week. For fun I started counting how many showers I take during the week and I think I got up to 19. If we have any down time at all, we get back to the apartment as soon as we can and take a quick shower haha. We are sweating like mad out here. 

sweating :)

This week we had some good success in the branch. We had a large sacrament meeting attendance, and we also had 3 investigators come to church. There is one investigator that we found a week ago. We returned back earlier this week and asked if she had read any of the Book of Mormon. She pulled it out and said she had read 30 pages. She’s a solid investigator, but she didn’t make it to church this week. But it was nice to have someone keep commitments.

So you know how in some movies, there will be a kid that has to run after a bus or somebody is sprinting after a bus to catch up to it? Well I always thought that doing that would be pretty embarrassing. But I’m not kidding, it’s a weekly thing here for us. Sometimes when we are waiting for a bus, we will flag it down, but it won’t see us until late. So it hits its brakes and expects us to start sprinting to get in. And if you don’t show some hustle, they will just leave haha. It’s hilarious. Just pictures me in full proselyting clothes, sprinting a 40 yard dash towards a bus. I hustle too, it’s no joke. 

Speaking of things they do different here than they do in the US, the fellowshipper title is to a whole other level here. We have 2 fellowshipers in the branch. And by fellowshipper they mean someone that goes out to teach with the missionaries, but not just for 1 or 2 lessons. He works the whole day with us haha. It is wild how generous the members are to work with us for that long. I can’t imagine doing that back home. 

Another funny thing here that I have been forgetting to write you about is the phrase "Long time no see". People love to use that phrase, but they do not understand the meaning. In America, it’s a sarcastic phrase, right? Like if you just saw somebody earlier that day and you see them again, you would say that, right? Well here, I had an experience where I met somebody for the first time in my life, and she said "Hello elder, long time no see!" I was soooo confused. I had no idea what she was talking about. So yea that’s a funny phrase to use here. 

Right now there is a ton of construction going on here. They are fixing up the town in time for the Bangui Festival. It’s a bigggg party here that lasts a weekend. Everybody loves it. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I will still be here for that. I think it’s in mid-April. (The town of Bangui featured the Kannawidan Festival which is a five day celebration starting every 26th of April. This is the most awaited event in the said municipality wherein the townsfolk participate to showcase their traditions.)

There is a lady from Las Vegas here, visiting for a bit. She invited us over for dinner the other day. Turns out her box of American food just shipped in from the states, and she cooked up some spaghetti for us. It was amazing. They have spaghetti here, but it is waaaaay different. It’s sweet and tastes like candy almost. So that was soooo nice to be able to have a little taste of America again. 

Alright so spiritually-wise, I had a great week. As I begin to learn this language little by little and get better at it, I begin to recognize the spirit more and more in the lessons. I’m able to teach with the spirit better because I can actually speak decently. It’s a goooood feeling to teach and feel the spirit confirm your words are true. And even a better feeling to recognize a prompting and act on it, and then have the spirit confirm to me that it was a prompting and not just a random thought from my brain. I’m excited for the time that I am fluent in speaking and am able to fully focus my attention to the promptings of the spirit.

I also had a good experience with prayer. Occasionally in my extra time, while my comp is doing some branch business at the office, I decided to just pray. I realized as I began to pray more than just the regular times during the day, the spirit has had a bigger effect on my life. I really think if we rely on God more during the day and just talk to Him more than twice a day, we will feel His impact in our lives more often. I know for a fact that He wants to help us and bless us, but we need to act in order to receive that help and those blessing.

So there’s my testimony for the day. Love you all. Have a great week. I’ll let you know next week if I’m getting transferred or not :)

-Elder Jenkins


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