Monday, March 20, 2017

WEEK 31 - March 20, 2017 (transfer day)

Well this has been a pretty eventful week. Of course the highly anticipated day was Saturday. On Saturday night we were supposed to receive texts if we are being transferred or not. It was 10pm and I had still not received a text, so I thought I was staying another cycle, but then we got a text saying transfer texts will be on Sunday. So Sunday morning during church I got the text saying I was being transferred. I was expecting it, and I think most the members were too, so it wasn’t too shocking or devastating. But then I look to my right, and I see the two sister missionaries crying and crying. Both of them were getting transferred too, and they were devastated. And so were the members. They hadn’t been here for very long, so they weren’t expecting to be transferred. But oh man, there were lots and lots of tears from them and the members. Then I decided to change the closing hymn to hymn 152 (God Be With You Til We Meet Again), haha and that really got the tears flowing again. 

But anyway, we were going to check our emails this morning to see where I’m getting transferred to, but the power was out. So I just found out a little bit ago where I’m going. I’m being transferred to Aparri!! It’s in Cagayan and it’s going to be smoking hot these next few months. Gonna be sweating a lot. But I am sooo excited. Don’t know too much about my new comp, haven’t met him yet, but I’ll give details in the next email. It really feels weird to be leaving Bangui after all this time. It definitely was a bit hard saying goodbye to a few of the members that I’ve been close with these past few months, but I just told them I’ll be coming back in 2019 or 2020. (Start planning Mom, Dad :)) 

Anyway, earlier this week, the sisters had two more baptisms. I got to baptize one of the young girls. I always love having the opportunity to baptize someone. Always a good, spiritual experience. 

Well sorry, I don’t have too much time to write, I have to catch a bus at 12:00 to Aparri. I’m sooo excited for this next area for me in the mission. New area, new opportunities! Next email will be a good one. I’ll have lots to tell. 

Love ya!

-Elder Jenkins 


The Pacman shirt was a gift from a member.. it's awesome

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