Monday, April 24, 2017

WEEK 36 - April 24, 2017 (Aparri, Philippines)

view from the top of the moving rice truck

So this week flew by. I wish I had as much stuff to tell you as last week, but this week wasn't quite as crazy. First off, I’ll tell you about the weather. It is scorching here. But I have actually started to adjust pretty well to it. The heat doesn't affect me as much as when I first got here, but I’m still sweating sooo much. I’ve never had to do so much laundry in my life haha. 

Speaking of the weather, while we were proselyting in an area that’s away from the city, it started down pouring. Man, it felt incredible. Problem was, there was no transportation at all. So we sat on the side of the road in the rain, just waiting for a Tric. Then I saw this hugeee truck carrying loads of rice, and I waved it down haha Didn't think they would stop, but when people see an American out here, they are always willing to help out. So one of the workers heaved me up on the top of this load of rice, and we drove back to the city. I have a good video of it, I’ll send it so you can get a better understanding of what I’m talking about. It was a lot of fun. (editor: Can't get the video to load correctly - but the top pic pretty much sums it up!)

I’ve been thinking of some of the questions you guys might have for me. Maybe you're wondering what I eat at the apartment. I don't have too much money to spend, so I buy pretty cheap stuff usually. I always buy ramen noodles, and 5 cans of tuna. Also a loaf of bread or 2, and sometimes some peanut butter. Oh, also a big bag of oatmeal for breakfast. But yeah, that's about it. We try to eat with the members as much as possible, or just buy some food off the street. Trying to stay away from Jollibee cuz that place is just emptying my wallet. Recently I’ve been eating tons of fish. I never enjoyed fish that much, but I’m really starting to like it. And of course rice. We eat a lotttt of rice. 

emptying his wallet...again

So this last week we had Zone Conference. Got to see a lot of friends that I haven't seen in a while. Also got to meet Elder and Sister Nelson, from Alpine (editor: same stake as Ryan’s Uncle Ken & Aunt Robin). They are such great people. So loving. They bore strong testimonies and I can tell they will be a big help to the mission. Every Zone Conference, President Andrada goes over the numbers from the last month, and how we did. And while he was talking at this conference, my competitive nature kicked in like none other haha. I got kinda angry at how low some of the stats were. That is one advantage I have out here. I'm a bit competitive and want to reach all the goals we set. So I left that meeting fully motivated and pumped to work hard. 

This last Sunday, we had 3 of our investigators show up to church. Mae came to church again, and so did her cousin, CJ. And one of their friends, Sandoval, came to church as well. The Elders Quorum president and a member of the Branch Presidency spoke. So it turned out being a really good meeting. CJ is way interested. He has investigated a lot of churches in the past, so he really enjoys learning more. Hopefully they all felt the spirit and will want to come back next week. 

(Jerick - see last week's letter)

The other day we were out finding on the Pier, and there were tons of people. And then a big group of people ran up to me and started grabbing onto me and they were all yelling "ahhh picture tayo, Selfie Tayo!!" It doesn't happen very often, but to some people, if you are American, you are a celebrity haha. This one grandma gave me a big hug and wouldn't let go, it’s quite hilarious. But yeah, if you see some random pics of me on Facebook, that's the story. 

Well my testimony has grown a bit this week, like it does every week. I testify that if you pray with full intent to see others the way Christ would, even just a little bit, your prayer will be answered. How great would it be if we could all see people the way Christ does. It reminds me of Pres. Eyring's talk about when he was able to see a man how Christ would. It is a lot easier for us to see the good in people as we strive to be as Christlike as we can. So that is the challenge for us. To try to be Christlike in our everyday lives. 

Love you all.  Next week is transfer week, but I’m pretty sure I'm staying here... I sure hope so. Have a good week :)

-Elder Jenkins 
surprise visit from one of the members from Bangui

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