Monday, May 1, 2017

WEEK 37 - May 1, 2017 (Aparri, Philippines)

Hello everybody,

First of all, we found out on Saturday that Elder Montojo will be transferred. And then I received a call last night from President that he wants me to train!!  So I will get to train a new missionary, excited about that. The thing I’m not too excited about in the 5 hour bus ride we will take to Laoag later.  We will have a training for all the trainers on Tuesday, and then we stay there until Friday. Not too happy about that, not being able to work in our area for a week, but very excited to meet my "son".

So quick update on our investigators. Mae and CJ were not able to attend church this Sunday but promised that they would be there next Sunday. One thing that was awesome is earlier in the week, CJ texted us and told us he wants us to teach his girlfriend too. We met her and she is really interested as well. CJ is a great guy, and he's expressed many times that he wants to serve a mission. We need to get him baptized first haha. We have a lot of other great investigators and a lot of new ones too. Tons of potential.

Today is the start of the 10 day festival party here in Aparri. Tons of parades, loud music that wakes you up at 4am, lots of carnival games. People are having a good time here. Kinda disappointed that I’m gonna miss the first 4 days of it. 

Treated our investigators to balut again haha. That’s a new tradition now I guess… every Saturday night we rally up the investigators and buy them some balut. They absolutely love it. 

Speaking of food, we went to the best restaurant here in Aparri. It’s at a nice hotel called "Hotel Dian". I ordered some pancakes and was sooo excited.... then they handed them to me, and they were filipino size - soo small. I’ll send a picture. Man, I was disappointed. The bacon was good though. And the Jazz/Clippers game was on haha, so it was a good morning. 

Starting to understand the Book of Mormon in Tagalog, so I read a lot of that this week. I promise you, your day changes for the better the instant you read the book. If you want to have a good day, simply read. I know for a fact that The Book of Mormon is true. 

Alright, sorry for the short letter, don't have much time. I’ll introduce you to my anak (son) next week. I’m also way excited to hear about where Matthew will be sent (editor: cousin – mission papers have been submitted). My guess is Venezuela. Love you, have a good week!! 

-Elder Jenkins 

INTERNET INFO ABOUT FESTIVALS: The Municipality of Aparri will celebrate its 337th Patronal Town Fiesta and 7th Aramang Festival on May 1-11, 2017.

The traditional annual festivities is in honor of St. Peter Thelmo - the municipality's Patron Saint whose feast day is May 11. It was on May 11, 1680 when the Parish of Aparri was established by the Spanish authorities from Nueva Segovia (Lallo). On the same day, Aparri was separated from its mother towns of Camalaniugan and Buguey and was created as a pueblo (town).

The Aramang Festival was launched in 2008 to recognize invaluable role of "aramang" a soft shelled shrimp specie endemic to Aparri and the fishing industry in the livelihood of the people and in the progress and development of Aparri. The event also features a fluvial parade of more than a hundred fishing boats showcasing the fishermen's way of life.

Jollibees again (with some members)

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