Monday, May 15, 2017

WEEK 39 - May 15, 2017 (Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines)

Hellooooo lahat (all),

Just got off skyping with my family, sooo good to see them. Wish the connection was better, but it was good enough. Only 7 months till the next skype haha. 

We headed into Laoag again on Wednesday for our mission tour. A mission tour is when a member of the Seventy or an Apostle comes and speaks to the whole mission. Elder Bowen came and spoke to us. The mission was split into two meetings, so we had ours on Thursday. After the meetings with these church leaders the missionaries always come out feeling pretty motivated. The bus ride home was pretty rough again though. You have to choose between riding in a van and having no leg room or any space, but getting there quicker, or taking a bus and having leg room and all, but it takes longer to get there. I usually choose the "comfort" of the bus. 

So sometimes when it is around 6:00 and we don’t have any appointments planned, we head over to the Pier and start talking to people, giving out pamphlets and what not, trying to talk to as many people as we can. We have had good success doing this. I read Daniel’s (friend serving in Atlanta) emails about heading to Wal Mart and talking to people at night trying to find less actives and all. And it’s true, that you need to be creative in work sometimes. Be creative in finding. Find where the most people are on a Saturday night and start opening your mouth.

Ever since I have been here in Aparri, I have been searching for Ilocos style empanadas, but have not been able to find any. But last week, we finally found this hut that sells them. Might be the only place in Cagayan, and it is incredible. Brought back good memories of Bangui haha. So that’s what those pictures are about. 

The work right now is good. I’m absolutely enjoying life. I love training. My comp is such a good guy, we love working together. When you and your comp both love working, life is good. 

So, got some bad news last night. Our progressing investigator, CJ, told us he is heading back to Manila this week and probably won’t be coming back. So I guess we will just refer him to the missionaries over there and they will work with him. He is sooooo ready. His cousin, Mae, is progressing and is set to get baptized on May 27.

We also found a solid family this week. They had investigated Jehovah Witness before so had lots of questions for us. We taught them about the Restoration, and as I was testifying of the Book of Mormon, the Spirit strongly confirmed to me that the Book is true. I seem to receive that witness very often. I just pray that the person we are teaching can feel that same witness as well. 

So as I hung up my skype call earlier, I felt nothing but joy, which was different than my last call. After my video chat in December, I honestly wasn't feeling that great. The difference that I realized is that I am soooo happy right now. Never been this happy in my life, honestly. And although I miss my family, there is absolutely no place I would rather be!!! The missionary life is incredible, at least once you are able to speak the language. 

Love you all, have a great week :)

-Elder Jenkins

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