Tuesday, May 23, 2017

WEEK 40 - May 22, 2017 (Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines)

Hello everybody,

First of all, CONGRATS HAILEY!! haha You and King will be in the MTC at the same time, that'll be fun. Looks like all of us will be coming back with a weird accent. (Cousin Hailey called to Oklahoma City entering the MTC the same day as cousin Matthew, who will be serving in Tennessee.)

This week was a good one. We had no meetings or anything, so we were able to work all week without any distractions. So we went to work and found 45 new investigators haha. We are hoping and praying that just one of those 45 will be receptive to us and show interest, because honestly the work hasn’t been to successful lately. We have been searching for families to teach. Last week we looked at all our investigators and realized that a lot of them are teenage girls that want us to talk to them and share the message, but probably don’t have much of an interest in the gospel haha. We’re really trying to find a solid family. Its hard though, because families are rarely all together at once here. Either the husband or the wife is always working from morning until night with sometimes no days off. Its pretty sad.

So the weather this week was rainy for the most part. Yesterday it was pouring rain and we both forgot our umbrellas, so we were drenched, walking through flooded streets, wet from head to toe. It’s a decent strategy though, because people will see us and feel bad for us, so they will let us in. The work is tough when it's raining, because everybody goes inside and closes the door, and usually goes to sleep. When it's sunny outside, everybody is out in the streets talking with each other, which makes finding a lot easier.

So on Tuesday, we found a group of about 30 houses in the middle of a big rice field. Turns out that all those houses were built for people whose houses were destroyed in a hurricane. So we decided to go tract all of those houses. Well it was pouring rain, and this “neighborhood” is built on a rice field, so it was soooo muddy. We were walking around with 5 lbs of mud on each foot, drenched, going door to door. But we were rewarded and found tons of new investigators and some families that we will be able to teach.

On Wednesday, I got to go on exchanges with Elder Morehu. We live in the same apartment, and he is also a trainee, struggling to learn the language like all the foreigners in their first few months. Being comps with him for the day brought back a lot of memories of my first few transfers. The frustration and struggling with the language, which made me realize that I’ve come a loooong way. But I love helping him, giving him tips and advice. Makes me feel like I'm incredible at the language haha.

Alright, one funny story for you guys… So we were assigned to give talks yesterday in sacrament meeting. So we were sitting on the stand, while announcements were being made. And out of the corner of my eye, I see Jerick walk in the door. He starts searching for us to see where we were sitting, and notices us at the front. He begins to fully sprint toward us. And his running is not graceful one bit. Its somewhat of a bull in a china closet sprint. He’s bashing into people and finally makes it up to us and takes a seat on my lap. The whole congregation lets out a “awwww”. And then his mom came up and grabbed him and he started screaming bad words in Ilicano. He’s a crazy kid haha.

So our one potential family that we are teaching right now is the Del Rosario family. They are cousins with some members, but have never found interest in the church. They investigated another church in the past, but never joined. But ever since we have introduced the Book of Mormon to them, they have shown great interest. In our last message with them, they were asking some questions about the book while kinda skimming through the introduction. And while I was answering their questions, I’m not sure if they were even listening haha, because they were just reading and reading, and couldn’t put the book down. If they continue to find that much interest in the book and keep reading, there is no doubt that they will come to know it is true. Excited to see their progression. 

Man, the Book of Mormon is powerful. My testimony about the Book of Mormon has grown sooo much. It is the truest and most correct book on the earth. No doubt in my mind. I love using and teaching about the Book. Its so powerful and the spirit will softly testify to you that it is true words of God. 

Love you all, have a good week :)

-Elder Jenkins

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