Monday, June 5, 2017

WEEK 42 - June 5, 2017 (Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines)

This was the oldest balut I have eaten. lol

Hello everybody!!!

Happy Birthday to me:) So I just want to tell you all about the culture here when it comes to birthdays, because it is the opposite in America. If it is your birthday, people expect YOU to buy them food and treat them to a big meal. They don't buy you anything or give any gifts, the person who has the birthday buys food and spends tons of money. I was so confused when people started asking me what I'm treating them to. And apparently there was an American elder that was assigned here a while ago, and when it was his birthday, he spent like 5000 pesos ($114 US) on food for everybody. So these people here are mad that I'm not buying them food and treating them. I'm trying to explain to them that I'm on a budget haha.

So this week was a successful week, but first, I've got a few stories to tell.

So last Wednesday night after our work, I was out washing my clothes when all the sudden two motorcycles crashed into each other right outside our apartment. I sprinted over there to find a man laying face down on the ground with a puddle of blood under his face, not moving at all. I rolled him over and he was not responding at all. Had a huge gash in his head and all over his face. We carried him to the side of the road and tried to stop the bleeding from his head, and he still wasn't responding. At this point there were like 50 people surrounding us, just watching. While I was holding the guy, I was trying to ask anybody if they had a cloth to stop the bleeding and I accidentally said "Does anybody have an umbrella to stop the bleeding." Got a few weird looks because of that haha. There is a hospital about 200 yards away, so we sent him on a triC to the hospital. Not sure if he lived or not. The guy he crashed into was respondent, but his knee was messed up pretty bad. Glad I was wearing Rio's purple t-shirt instead of proselyting clothes, because it was a bloody scene. Crazy experience. 

So this week while walking around, we met a guy playing chess outside his home. He has a big chessboard (took a picture) and he challenged me to a game. I was feeling pretty confident, thinking back to all the times I have taken down my old man in chess. I told him if I win, he comes to church on Sunday. He agreed, but I've never seen somebody more confident than he was that he would win haha. He told me if I win, he will give me his chess set. About 5 minutes into the game he had me in checkmate. I told Reyes that he is leading the area for the rest of the day, cuz my confidence was gone haha. It was humiliating. But the next day we were walking by again and he challenged me again.. I told him we didn't have time because we were on the way to an appointment, so he challenged me to an arm wrestle instead. I gladly took that offer, knowing that it was my chance to redeem myself. He put up a good fight, but I took him down without too much of a problem. Was feeling pretty good about myself, then realized that the guy is 64 years old hahha. He told us though that he wants to try and give up the cigarettes and alcohol, so we will continue to visit the guy.   

the chess master

So yesterday was probably the best Sunday I have had so far in my mission. Sometimes Sundays can be reallyyyy stressful when investigators don't show up to church. But yesterday we had 7 of them show up. So we were happy. One of them is an absolute golden investigator. Her name is Shyrine. She 18, and she is soooo shy, so it was hard for us to get her to come to church, because she doesn't have anybody to go with. But she told us that she knows 100% that the church is true. She has received an answer over and over again that it is the truth. She memorizes scriptures in the Book of Mormon and is constantly reading. She is on date to get baptized on June 24. Also Adonis, who is 11 years old, is getting baptized this Saturday. So we are excited for that. 

The work is really good right now. I love being able to teach people about the gospel in a different language. I'm always reminded by little mistakes, like asking somebody for an umbrella to stop the bleeding, that I need to keep working harder to learn the language. But I absolutely love teaching. I have realized that if we do our best to teach the people and do all we can to help them learn about and accept the gospel, God will do the rest. And that when we make a promise to these people, God always has our back, and keeps those promises that we make to the people. They are all promises that God already is promising to us, but people seem to take it more seriously when it is said out loud. But it is all about trust in God. If we want help in our lives, it's all about trusting in Him. 

Love you all, have a nice week :)

-Elder Jenkins
TriC driver really, really wanted a dollar

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