Sunday, June 11, 2017

WEEK 43 - June 12, 2017 (Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines)

Either walk 10 miles, or cram into this vehicle designed to hold pigs haha.

Hello family and friends.

This was another good week with some new experiences.  But first of all, today is transfer day, and I am not getting transferred. So I will be here in Aparri until probably the end of July. Very happy about that :) 

So I had a really cool experience on Wednesday. We were in Dodan, and when we work in Dodan we have like a 2 mile walk to make from one zone to another. So we always walk on the beach because it is much cooler. While we were walking, we saw a big group of people gathered around at the shore. So we headed over there and they pointed out to us a huuuggge fish in the water that they caught. Turned out it was our investigator that had caught it. Everybody was really excited, because it sells for good money at the market. So they hauled it in and immediately started slicing it open. It was a big Blue Marlin. They sliced it into 4 pieces and started carrying them 1 by 1 to the road, where a few tricycles were waiting.  We came back later that evening to our investigator's house, and they were all outside celebrating and having a good time. Sold the fish for 12,000 pesos (about $250) haha.  Also got to taste a little bit of it. Was good. Speaking of interesting meats to eat, I got to eat goat for the first time.  Has an interesting taste to it, but is also really good. 

Last week was the graduation for the college students here at Cagayan State University. So we were invited to a bunch of parties with tons of food. The parties here are pretty much all the same. There is always tons of food, and people singing karaoke.  And the Karaoke is very loud. They want the whole barangay to be able to hear them. 

On Saturday, out investigator, Adonis, was baptized. We have been teaching him for a long time and his baptism finally happened. He turns 12 in July and will be a deacon. 

The sad thing was that his uncle/guardian, Jordan, wasn’t able to attend. We went to go teach Jordan on Wednesday and when we got there he was laying on his bed with a broken leg. He explained to us that last Sunday after church he was walking and a bunch of drunk guys that used to be his friends told him to come drink with them. He told them no, and they came at him with a knife and started beating him up. Jordan grabbed the guy's knife and desperately stabbed him with it, as they continued to beat him up. Luckily, Jordan’s uncle saw what was happening and saved him. The police said it was self defense and didn’t charge Jordan for stabbing the guy. But the police here can sometimes be easily corrupt, and the next day they decided to charge him 15k pesos (about $300). So Jordan isn’t in the best shape right now. 

So yesterday (Sunday), we had a district conference. There were tons of people there. We were so happy because a family that we are teaching right now came to church. What was unfortunate is that there was a 2 hour broadcast from SLC to the whole Philippines. And it was all in English with no subtitles. So really, most the people didn't understand what they were saying. Even our investigator leaned over and said, this is really hard to understand. Really wish they would at least put some Tagalog subtitles, because that was a long two hours for most the people there. But we are happy to have a progressing family. 

So lately, I have been studying a lot about faith, and have been trying real hard to strengthen my faith and get rid of all doubts. As I have done this and eliminated doubts, things have seemed to go a lot smoother, and people have seemed to be more receptive to our message. It all starts with faith. If we have faith, complete faith, things work out and miracles can happen. But with doubt, things go downhill. Faith cannot exist where there is doubt, so the key is to weed out those doubts and witness happiness and success!!

Love you all

-Elder Jenkins 

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