Sunday, June 18, 2017

WEEK 44 - June 19, 2017 (Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines)

Hello everyone and Happy Fathers day!!

First of all, the Lake Powell trip looked like a blast. Seeing all those pics brought back a lot of good memories. Very excited for Uncle Ken and Aunt Robin (headed to Brazil to serve in a few days). One last Powell trip is a good way to go out.

So this week flew by for me. Just another week of full work. A few nights this week it was a little difficult to sleep. The power went out and when the power goes out at night, it is not pleasant. We can't use our electric fans, so it is nearly impossible to sleep haha. I would just lay in bed, sweating bullets, trying to imagine a cool breeze. Eventually, after about 45 minutes of just laying there, the power came back on and I snoozed away.

Speaking of being uncomfortable, we were at an investigators house the other day, and she was giving somebody a pedicure. She offered to give me one, and I declined, telling her how bad my feet smell and that she would not want to have to put up with the smell. Then she got a bit offended, so I let her start chipping my toenails. I thought my feet would feel nice and clean afterwards, but they hurt pretty bad. She cut the nails at such a weird angle, I won't be surprised if I have 7 ingrowns by the end of the month.

So sadly, the family that we have been teaching weren't able to come to church on Sunday. Chris, the father, had to head to work. But they are solid, we will get them to church this week. Mae came to church this week. we have really been trying to help her understand the importance of baptism, and she said that she fully understands now. We are trying to teach her parents too, but they seem to be a little hesitant to listen to us. We did a lot of walking around and finding this week. Around 5pm is the perfect time for finding. Everybody is outside just hanging out or playing bball. So around that time, we hit the road and start walking around talking to people.

Yesterday I was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I started off by telling everybody that I will tell them how to become rich. That seemed to get everyones attention and they all started to listen haha. And then I read in D&C 6:7 and they realized what I actually meant. But the overall message that I taught was that if we want to become "Rich" or obtain eternal happiness, we need to change. We need to stop being just followers of Christ, and become True Followers of Christ. I think we all need to evaluate ourselves every once in a while and ask ourselves if we are just going through the motions doing what we are supposed to, or if we are All In, True Followers of Christ. That's when we start to see change in our lives and start to see all the blessings - when we are living as a True Follower, a True Disciple. 

Love you all. Have a good one:)

-Elder Jenkins 

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