Monday, July 3, 2017

WEEK 46 - July 3, 2017 (Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines)

94 year old lady wanted a picture

Hello everyone,

First off, good luck to Dallan, heading into the MTC on Wednesday. I remember my last few days at home... filled with excitement, anxiety, and not knowing what to expect, but this is the good life. 

So I'm sure some of you heard that Pacquiao took a loss. So the people here are a little salty about that. Some didn't end up making it to church because the fight started at 1, and church starts at 1:30. I was praying for a first round knockout haha. 

Gonna miss a good 4th of July celebration. Not sure where I'm gonna fine a nice burger here. Jollibee doesn't quite do it for me. 

So earlier today I had quite the experience at the hospital. Last week I bashed my toe on some furniture in our apartment and messed up the toenail pretty bad. It ended up turning into an ingrown and this morning it was looking a bit infected. So I headed to the hospital to get it checked out, and to my surprise, they decided the best option was to rip the whole big toenail out. I was a bit surprised by that decision haha. I thought maybe they would just slice out the part that was causing the infection, give me some medicine and send me on my way. But it ended up with lying down in the chair while they injected anesthetics into my big toe. The only thing separating me from other patients was a curtain haha. Then the surgeon came in, grabbed some pliers, and gave it a big yank. So now, I'm walking around in flip flops because my bandaged toe can't fit into a shoe.

Speaking of gross things, I'm not sure how many times I've witnessed it now, but yesterday while we were walking down the road, a dog got smoked by a motorcycle that was speeding. Of course, the motorcycle just sped off and got away as fast as he could, so he wouldn't have to deal with it. But right after it happened, the thing died immediately, and someone came out and grabbed the dog, and took it to their back yard. I was wondering why they seemed to be in such a hurry to take it, then I realized what they were doing with it. Different culture for real. Whatever it takes to put food on the table. 

Besides that, this last week was really good. We are having tons of success. The Lord is absolutely preparing the people we are teaching to receive the gospel. We have people committing to go to church before we even invite them haha, investigators giving us referrals to people they want us to teach, it's incredible. We are being blessed with success. We actually had 10 investigators at church yesterday!! It was an amazing Sabbath Day. 

Had a really good lesson with the Del Rosario family last week. We taught about baptism and why it's so important and then extended a baptism date to them. We have been trying to get them on date for a while but the hadn't yet accepted. But this time they did accept. Bro Del Rosario said if he comes to know that the Book of Mormon is true, he will get baptized. That was music to my ears. He's reading it everyday, so there is no doubt in my mind he will come to know it is true. Funny story... after they accepted the baptism date and all, I think Elder Reyes got a little excited and when Chris got up to go get a drink of water, Elder Reyes gave him a friendly slap on the butt hahaha. Not sure if Chris appreciated it too much from the surprised look on his face. I was laughing pretty hard though. The trainee getting a little over excited.

Speaking of funny experiences with the training, there was a guy just sitting on the curb the other day while we were finding, and I told Elder Reyes to go teach him. So he goes and sits down next to him and tries to talk to him, and mid conversation, the old man just gets up and walks away hahahah. We laughed pretty hard about that. Straight rejection. I love training, it's a lot of fun. 

I am loving seeing the progression in our area as we fully put our trust in the Lord. We do our best to teach for their understanding and invite them to keep commitments, but after that, after we leave their home, it's up to them to keep those commitments. So we just fully rely on the Lord to help them with those things and help them progress. It's all about prayer, fasting and faith. It is amazing to see and feel my spiritual growth as I focus fully on other people. My focus is on helping other people grow spiritually, but really at the same time, I am the one growing and becoming better. The mission is amazing, I am loving life right now. 

-Elder Jenkins 

Members treated us to dinner at one of the best restaurants here in Aparri.

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